Hume Community Baptist Church

Loving God, loving neighbour

Hume Community Baptist Church has been meeting together in Dallas for almost 50 years. We've previously been known as Dallas Baptist Church, or Dallas Life Centre.

In 2004, we sought God and discerned our vision as outlined below.

We will be a church that is known for our:


We will be a church of people who worship God in our everyday lives. In our work, our friendships, our serving... and even our singing! We will be known for a vibrant expression of worship! We love God, and we'll work hard to show it in all aspects of our lives.


We will be a church that is constantly growing in our relationships and our understanding of God. Through biblical teaching, constant encouragement, small groups and sticking by each other through the journey, our faith in God will be constantly expanding!


We will become experts at looking out for each other! We will be known as people that are there through the thick and the thin, great at loving our church family. Though we'll be great at tea and bikkies after Sunday services, we'll also share meals with each other and serve each other in whatever ways we can.


We will be a church known for getting outside our 4 walls and sharing the good news of Jesus with our community. We'll do this by meeting people where they're at, trying to meet their needs, and working together to make Jesus a part of their world. We'll become individuals that are great at finding opportunities to share God's love with those we encounter!

We will be a regional church, that doesn't only serve Dallas, but also the surrounding communities. We will strive to reach out to areas such as Dallas, Broadmeadows, Jacana, Coolaroo, Westmeadows, Meadow Heights, Gladstone Park, Roxburgh Park, Attwood, Greenvale and Craigieburn.

We will be a church active in the community, existing to save, help and support our neighbourhoods. Belonging, commitment, unity and friendship are elements of community that will come alive through our church.

Wise Words

"I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."

- Jesus